HIT ROBOT GROUP(HRG) is a high-tech enterprise that jointly invested and established by HeiLongJiang Province Government, Harbin City Government and Harbin Institute of Technology, was founded in 2014. Our main business focuses on technology, products and projects in the field of Robotics, as well industrial ecological operation of the whole industrial chain and all elements of robotics. Our business also covers technology research and development, results incubation, equity investment and industrial operation.

HRG now has more than 1,700 employees, including 5 academicians, more than 80 people with Doctor’s degrees or above, more than 350 people with Master’s degrees, and more than 800 people with Bachelor’s degrees. In the field of smart factory, industrial robot, service robot, special robot, culture and tourism robot, medical and nursing robot and other fields, we have cultivated more than 40 scientific and technological innovation enterprises with outstanding technology and market potential, some enterprises have become the industry’s leading subdivisions. The R&D and accumulation of core technologies have been vigorously promoted, and a number of advantageous technological achievements have been formed, we have applied for more than 1,000 patents and authorized nearly 500 patents, forming more than 20 categories and more than 100 products.

TEINYO belongs to HIT ROBOT GROUP (HRG), a leading brand of scientific rehabilitation in China. We are a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, manufacturing and sales of spinal, sleep rehabilitation and intelligent nursing robot terminals, the construction and upgrading of the innovative modes of medical and health care center, and the output of optimal solution of medical and health care service.

TEINYO headquarters is located in Harbin city, the headquarters base is located in Zhongshan city, the medical operation center is located in Harbin city, the consumption operation center is located in Tianjin city, the non-standard operation is located in Qingdao, central China area operation is located in Wuhan, the Southeast Asia headquarters is located in Singapore, and the North American headquarters is located Dallas. Currently we have R&D and manufacturing center in Harbin and Zhongshan city, sales center in Shenzhen, Jinan, Tianjin, Wuhan and Harbin city and other 35 Chinese regional business center, 2 overseas business centers, No. 1 Space Community Rehabilitation Medical Chain Operation Center, and Xiaoyu 4S Store Chain Operation Center. Our company continues to innovate through the cooperative R&D mode of top-ranking R&D teams and top scientists, and always maintains the advantages of technology leadership.

TEINYO always adhere to the service concept of Accompanied by Love, Accompanied with Health, adhere to the Corporate Value of Gratitude, Integrity, Responsibility and Innovation, and strives to become the most reliable partner for the consumers’ physical and mental health.